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Internet Safety Week 2022

Every year we join in with the National Internet Safety day. Because we feel Internet safety is important we dedicate time throughout the week to cover a range of eSafety. There is also a progressive sequence of skills and discussions within the Computing curriculum for different year groups.


This years main theme is:

All fun and games?



Additionally Children will also focus on these aspects within their year group.


I know some safe websites I can use.

I know who I can trust and ask for help when I am worried about something online.

I know how I should behave online. How to be kind and positive online and in real life.

I know what actions I should report and to whom.

Lower Juniors

I know safe and acceptable uses of Social Media sites and online chat rooms. I can recognise websites and games appropriate to my age.

I am aware of online reporting procedures. What evidence to save and who to tell.

Upper Juniors

I know what information and data I am sharing.

I know what information may be “out there” about me and what information I need to be more protective over.

Make sure your child stays safe online. Use the links below for guidance and discuss your child's internet usage.

Internet Safety Week 2022

In school we have been focussing on Internet Safety. Each year group focussed on different aspects of Internet Safety. Here are some samples of the pupils work:

In Year 1, the children used the story of Digi-duck to explore safe and acceptable internet use. They thought of polite comments to add to picture posts and discussed and sorted information and pictures that are safe / not safe to add online.

In year 2, the children looked at rules for saying safe online. They created a list of does and don'ts to help themselves and others.

In year 3/4, the children looked at the benefits and the dangers of using avatars online. Whilst they may help protect your identity online, they also hide the true identity of other users. Beware you do not know the true person behind the avatar. The children made avatar masks to show this.