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2.Push, Pull or Twist?

All Forces are a combination of a push or pull. Sometimes we refer to a "Twist" but this too is just a push or pull as will be explained further down.

Pull = Applying a force towards you.

Push = Applying a force away from you.


So what is a twist?

Firstly it is important to point out that this definition only works when using your right hand (Sorry lefties!) Take for example turning a tap. When you turn the tap on your thumb mov​​​​​​​es away from your body. (Moving AWAY - yes it's a push) and when you turn off the tap your thumb turns TOWARDS your body (a pull). Practice on other objects like screw top bottle lids using a screwdriver.... It can get tricky when turning things like a door handle but think which direction (clockwise / anticlockwise your wrist/thumb are moving.)


How many Pushes or Pulls can you see in the video link below?

How many Push or Pull actions do you perform everyday?