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At Flanshaw School we have designed our Music Curriculum with the intent that all children, regardless of background, will develop an appreciation and love of music and the creativity and sense of achievement that this subject brings. We aim that our children receive a varied and progressive diet of tuned (boomwhackers, handbells, ukuleles, chimebars, recorders) and untuned (body percussion, claves, samba) instruments, plus singing throughout each year of their schooling.


We have carefully implemented a range of approaches to ensure that the needs of the children are effectively met.  A strategic system of monitoring and evaluation is undertaken by the Head Teacher, including lesson observations in each phase, book scrutiny exercises and frequent staff training and coaching sessions to ensure that teaching and learning is reviewed.  


In the Early Years and Key Stage 1, Music is implemented heavily through the ‘Kodaly Approach.’  This ensures that our youngest pupils are immersed in a curriculum that effectively develops their ability to feel and identify pulse, rhythm and pitch.  Our pupils within EYFS and Year 1 receive additional music provision through accessing Continuous Provision and through singing songs within their daily curriculum learning.


As the pupils progress into Key Stage 2, we implement our own schemes of work to suit the needs of our pupils. Each unit features aspects of skill development including the use of musical notation, composition and performance.  Where possible we aim for the units to reflect other areas of the curriculum so that cross curricular music can take place.  Wherever possible we endeavour for our children to perform for a real purpose and this is often showcased in our weekly whole School Proud Assemblies and social media sites to provide extra motivation. 


At Flanshaw Junior, Infant and Nursery School we are passionate about singing. We understand the benefits of singing for both our educational, physical and mental health and sing everyday; either in assemblies, or as part of our learning experiences.  We have created a very strong singing culture, where children have a genuine love of this.   Every year group undertakes an annual drama production (EYFS and KS1- Christmas, Year 3/4 – Easter and Year 5/6- Summer) which involves aspects of music; in particular singing. Our Year 5/6 pupils annually participate in the much loved ‘Young Voice’s’ which is held at Sheffield Arena. Both of these offer fantastic lifetime memories and experiences of performing for a larger audience.


We currently have 45 children who receive weekly private music lessons (keyboard, brass, strings, woodwind and drums) through Wakefield Music Services, paid by School through our Pupil Premium Funding. Our Governing Body believes that this is essential use of the funding to ensure that our children can access such an important learning experience.


Our children are exposed to both live and pre- recorded music, across a range of historical periods on an almost daily basis. This is usually within assemblies and lessons. Pupils are able to identify musical instruments by their timbre and discuss the mood and effect of the music using language of the inter-related dimension (pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure).


We host a number of after school clubs focusing upon Music; boomwhackers, recorders, school band and choir have all been successfully attended over the years.