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Science Space Day

Space Day


On the 16th of October, Year 5 took part in a day all about space as part of our Earth and Space Science topic!

Over the course of the day, we visited the WonderDome to learn more about the planets and the universe; measured the distance between the planets to scale on our playground and designed, built and launched rockets!



The WonderDome was an amazing activity in which a space expert taught us lots of interesting facts about the planets and wider universe. 


Measuring Planet Distance To Scale

In this activity, we worked in groups and used metre sticks and trundle wheels to measure the distance between the planets in the Solar System from the Sun (to scale) and we placed cones to represent each planet. We were shocked at how far away the dwarf planet of Pluto was!

Final Model

Still image for this video

Designing, Building and Launching Rockets!

In the afternoon, we learned about rockets and their features. Then, we designed and built our own rockets from what we had learned and launched them in our playground. Some flew as high as the trees!