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Mathematics is essential for everyday life. The concepts learnt in mathematics will be used and applied throughout many aspects of childhood into adulthood. At Flanshaw School, we have cherry picked the best ideas and resources used in primary maths to provide children with a well-rounded education.


Flanshaw’s aim is to challenge and push children of all abilities and promote a love of mathematics. In early years and year 1, maths is learnt through hands on experiences which allow them to learn mathematical skills alongside other subjects. Children have resources available in their provision areas that enable them to play while learning key mathematical skills such as measure. Elements of this continue through school, as children are given the opportunity to explore concepts in practical lessons and outdoor learning days. In year groups 2 to 6, we follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. This allows children to learn new concepts in small manageable steps working as a class. Children are given the opportunity to apply their learning in a range of ways starting with fluency questions and building up children’s confidence to solve reasoning and problem solving style questions.


Problem solving is at the heart of all mathematical learning and teaching. We aim to instil a love of maths through allowing children to explore problems by using a range of practical resources. At Flanshaw, our objective is to equip children with the knowledge and understanding to become confident mathematical problem solvers. We place emphasis on providing children with a range of challenges aimed at deepening their understanding of different topics. Our Curriculum promotes passion and resilience.


One element of maths that underpins a lot of children's mathematical abilities is times tables. At Flanshaw, we firmly believe that mathematics should be fun and therefore we encourage children to use the online resource Times Table Rockstars in order to learn and consolidate their tables. Each week, we have battles between classes and celebrate children's successes in assemblies and displays. Times Tables Rockstars can also be enjoyed by our pupils at home.


Flanshaw's maths is consistently changing and adapting to meet the needs of our children. Staff take part in regular training sessions and we often reflect on the impact of the approaches we are undertaking. Regular book and lesson observations are conducted by the maths lead to ensure all children's work is showing the high expectations.