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4. The Food Pyramid

The Food Pyramid

As living organisms we need to have a healthy and balanced diet.

The Food pyramid gives a pictorial view of the various foods we eat and the size and proportion we should eat. Eating more of the foods towards the base and less of those at its peak. It's a food chart that gives you details about the required amount of fats, vitamins, and minerals, proteins and carbohydrates for your diet.

  • Top tapering layer – Food and drinks​​​​​​​ high in fat, sugar, and salt
  • Second layer – Fats and oils
  • Third layer – Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts
  • Fourth layer – Milk, curds and other dairy products
  • Fifth layer – Seasonal vegetables and fruits
  • Sixth layer – Cereals, pulses, pastas and bread


Do you know which foods give us carbohydrates, protein and vitamins?


Does any of the pyramid proportions surprise you?