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World Book Day

We celebrate the national world book day each year, using this occasion to celebrate the favourite books of the children and staff members.  The head of English supports the reading ambassadors in the organisation of the event.


World Book Day 2022


This academic year we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as either our favourite book character or bed-time story clothes. 




Each class were challenged to decorate their classroom door to reflect one of their favourite stories.  The results were amazing, can you figure out each of the books illustrated by the door designs?




In preparation for a World Book Day competition, our English leader, Abigail, wrote the opening for a short story.  She chose to write a horror story set in a haunted mansion. 


'Sarah and I were having a sleepover and were playing truth or dare. Sarah dared me to go to the hideous, haunted mansion which could make even the bravest person’s blood run cold. I was hesitant but she was certain that nothing would happen as she thought the stories were just myths.  Slowly, I slipped on my new trainers and walked out of the door with Sarah, she was giggling as I trembled with fear. We got to the doorstep and I was about to ring the “ghost bell” when suddenly something caught my eye.  It was a key but it didn't fit the haunted house, mine and Sarah's eyes locked after we had a good look at the key…'


Pupils in each year group were challenged to design a front cover for Abigail's book.  Pupils in each year group entered the competition and Abigail and Mr Woodburn chose the winning entries.  Here are the winning entries: