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Ancient Egyptian topic day

On the 15th of February, the year 3/4 pupils took part in an ancient Egyptian themed topic day! Our exciting day included a variety of activities and you can look below to see what we enjoyed doing throughout the day.

Hieroglyph Printing

In this activity, we used polystyrene tiles and ink paint to create some prints of our initials as hieroglyphs. We soon learned that it was a messy but fun activity which required some resilience to get the final product just right!

Bread Making

Bread was a daily food source for most Egyptians: Rich or poor. Whilst they didn't have electric bread making machines, he children still enjoyed the experience and the tasting of the bread the following day.

Tomb Design

Using software called Spex+, the children could create a Pharoah's tomb. They could choose from a preset layout or design a tomb of their own. Like Minecraft, the children could explore this tomb in 1st person view.


Problem Solving (Shaduf building and Pyramids)

Using a range of materials children had to work as a team to build a model shaduf, an ancient Egyptian farming tool to lift water from the River Nile. Children also got to use foam bricks to experiment with different ways to build pyramids, towers and other memorials to the Pharoahs.

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