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Flanshaw Junior, Infant & Nursery School

Flanshaw Junior, Infant & Nursery School

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Primary Futures 24

Volunteer Feedback 

I loved it!  It’s a great school with a dedicated staff, proven by putting so much time and effort into events just like these.  Honestly a pleasure to be a part of it and get the chance to share some enthusiasm around the world of work.  The kids were ace, really engaged, asked some great questions and hopefully realised they already have so many skills that are needed and used in all types of jobs and careers.

 Looking forward to any future events already 😊





I enjoyed it immensely! My hair always attracts attention, so it was interesting to see how that influenced their guesses 😊

 The two classes were great and asked some really insightful questions. It was a pleasure talking to them, and if I have inspired even just one to become a scientist, I feel I have done my job.

 Thanks for inviting me


I'm so pleased to hear that the children benefited from the talks today, and for suggesting career alternatives for me?! It's really fun chatting to them, and they asked some excellent questions, particularly in class. I was asked about using UV light sources, how we tell the difference between two people wearing the same type of shoes and what we do if they were to take their shoes and/or socks off to commit a crime. They were great.  I hope it's opened their minds to help them see what's out there for them.

Nice to meet you and well done on putting together such a successful day.



Thank you for the email and the kind words. It was my pleasure to attend and was great to see everyone so interested and engaged!

I've not done that many school visits but it was certainly the best one with the assembly Q and As and all of us together. 

Thank you for inviting me and please feel free to do the same in the future if you wish.

Thanks again and looking forward to future visits. 

All the best,


Primary Futures is a inspiring day that allows children to learn about a range of careers and job roles. Developed with teachers, it connects primary schools with diverse workplace volunteers to take part in aspirations activities and talk with children about their jobs. It also gives children the opportunities to look at how different areas of the curriculum relate to different job roles, highlighting the importance of all subjects.

Children form stereotypes about occupations, careers and pathways from the age of six, primary futures aims to break down and challenge these stereotypes.