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Our Digestive System

In science we have been studying about teeth and eating. The children have studied the names and functions of teeth and created food chains - identifying producers and consumers and predators and prey. In the final 2 weeks of the term they studied the digestive system, thinking about where does food go? To make this more practical we went outside and made a mock digestive system using tights, socks and other bits.



First we used our fingers (As TEETH) to bite and break the biscuits. We then added the lumps of biscuit into the bag (MOUTH).

Then we added Orange juice (SPIT) to moisten the food. This also represented the acid in our STOMACH. We then gently squeezed and pressed the contents of the bag to make a watery pulp.

After that, we used tights (as SMALL INTESTINES). We poured the stomach contents into the intestines and as a chain, squeezed the waste along. This was very yucky - some kids liked it more than others. The energy was released through the tights (INTESTINE WALLS) whilst the waste was moved to the end. 

Next we added the waste into a sock (LARGE INTESTINE). One of the children then represented the Large Intestine's job, to remove any remaining moisture from the waste.

Finally the sock was rolled up (acting as the RECTUM) until the waste (POO) was excreted from the end (ANUS). The looks on the children's faces was a picture, but they had an exciting lesson.


It took our class 40 Minutes to discuss and act out this process. How wonderful is our body that it is doing this automatically everyday.