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Restorative Practice


Our Restorative Practice

within our school


What is restorative practice?

Restorative practice helps develop the skills we need to see others perspectives, accept responsibility and problem solve any conflict in a calm and empathetic way.




If conflict arises between pupils, a trained member of staff will support the conversation between all parties involved to help identity any triggers, what happened, how they feel about it and what they could have done differently to avoid it happening again.



The benefits of restorative conversations


  • Gives the child a voice
  • Each person is listened to and given the opportunity to speak to others involved.
  • Taking ownership of each action.
  • Taking responsibility to solve the issue themselves using words instead of violence.
  • Creates honesty
  • Genuine apologies given/received.
  • Builds stronger friendship groups.
  • Empathy to others feelings of the situation
  • Gain strategies and solutions to help with any future conflicts.
  • Builds confidence and self esteem


Any queries, please contact us on 01924 290360.