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Sci - Moonsaics

Earth & Space

We have started our new topic. The children have a lot of really interesting and probing questions about our place in the Universe. I think they are going to enjoy this topic and want to research more including:

How was the moon made?

Will the moon always be there?

What would life be like on other planets?

Why would you want to travel to Mars if you know you can't come back?


Today's starting lesson was to focus on the shape of our planets and how do we know. We discussed how historically people thought the Earth was flat. After sorting flat Vs Spherical objects we ended the session with some Moonsaic. Jigsaws of the moon where you can see it's spherical shape. This was a hard resilient robin task as there was no picture like a normal Jigsaw at first and some groups completed without ever seeing the hint pic sheet.