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Rainforest Day

World Rainforest Day


On the 22nd of June, it was World Rainforest Day. At Flanshaw, we raised awareness of the issues facing the rainforest by having a jungle-themed clothing day. Pupils brought in voluntary donations which were then given to the Rainforest Trust. Outstandingly, we managed to raise enough money to protect 76 acres of rainforest in Mozambique and the Bolivian Amazon! 


We also ran a 'Save The Rainforest' competition where pupils chose their own way to raise awareness of rainforest deforestation. Pupils learned about the impact of deforestation on the world's rainforests and what we can do to save them and then they created posters and videos to encourage others to do the same.


The winners of the 'Save The Rainforests' competition are below!

The Winners!