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Flanshaw Junior, Infant & Nursery School

Flanshaw Junior, Infant & Nursery School

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Children's University

Children's University is a new scheme based in Wakefield, that aims to promote social mobility by providing access to high quality out-of-school hours learning activities, encouraging all children to be aspirational.

All children who join the Children’s University are given a ‘Passport to Learning’ in which they can collect stamps to demonstrate the number of hours of learning they have achieved. Over time the children may work towards nationally recognised certificates celebrating their hours of learning and on achievement, they will be given the opportunity to attend a Wakefield Children’s University Graduation ceremony.


The passports are stamped whenever they spend one hour + at a specified 'Learning Destination'.


Learning destinations also include: 

  • School Visits
  • School sporting events
  • After School Clubs

Please see the website for learning destinations    

or click here for more ideas.



For any further queries or for booking forms, please see Miss Shephard.