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Flanshaw Junior, Infant & Nursery School

Flanshaw Junior, Infant & Nursery School

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Goodbye Drop-in Sessions

We would like to invite all of our children and their parent/carer along to a drop-in session to say goodbye to their current class teacher and to collect school reports and any certificates they may be due. Please note, children should be accompanied by a responsible adult, as this is an after school session and there are quite a lot of items to return for each child, including refunds for visits that were cancelled.

The sessions will be held on different days for each class in order to maintain appropriate social distancing with other classes between 3:30-4:30pm each day - please see below for details of which day your child's session is on. Please also bring a carrier bag with you to take home the various items we have to return to you.

During the sessions, we will:

1) Collect any reading books or Wakefield Library books you may still have at home;

2) Give out reports;

3) Give out new class slips and class letters from their new teachers;

4) Give out 100% attendance certificates and vouchers;

5) Give out any presentation certificates and vouchers your child may have been awarded;

6) Return PE kits for washing ready for next year;

7) Give out any text books/ work from class;

8) Give out Year 6 hoodies for Year 5 pupils moving into Year 6;

9) Provide any refunds due (Year 5/6 residential).


Date   Main Playground Bottom Playground EYFS Area
Tues 7/7/20 Severn Mersey  
Weds 8/7/20 Thames   Tyne
Thurs 9/7/20   Avon Ribble
Tues 14/7/20 Trent Eden  
Weds 15/7/20 Ouse Wharfe  
Thurs 16/7/20 Derwent Wye Tweed

Reminder texts will be sent the day before - please note the change in date from that originally advertised for Trent class.