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Flanshaw Junior, Infant & Nursery School

Flanshaw Junior, Infant & Nursery School

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Updated pick up/ drop off arrangements


Following a review of our social distancing measures in line with the national lockdown, we have changed some of our pick up/ drop off arrangements - see below for the year groups affected:

  • Tweed class - please arrive at 8:45am and children will now enter via the Year 2 gate on a morning - not the classroom door. Please don't arrive earlier than 3.10pm for pick up, as this causes a bottle neck and affects adequate social distancing for other year groups with earlier pick up times.
  • Wye class - please collect at 3:05pm from the bottom playground (sport's pitch) accessed via the path at the side of nursery.
  • Ouse class - please collect at 3:10pm from the bottom playground (sport's pitch).

Please ensure that you do not arrive earlier than the times for your child's class and also make sure that only 1 person is sent to collect each child to reduce the number of contacts in the playground.

If you have more than 1 child, please arrive at the later time to collect both children together in order to avoid the length of time you need to wait in the playground - teachers will wait with the child finishing earliest until you collect them. Click here to see staggered drop-off/pick up arrangements.

Former pupils are not permitted on site for social visits - please encourage older children not to bob into the playground to say hello on their way home from High School - as much as we love to see them, unnecessary visits to school are not permitted during the national lockdown or until social distancing has ended.

Please follow COVD etiquette when approaching members of staff by wearing a face mask.

Please phone school in the first instance with any queries you may have - we will deal with any messages and return calls promptly. 

Please see our earlier post regarding the National Lockdown for a link to the government's guidance and our updated risk assessment.